Tenant representative?

You want to become a tenant representative? That is possible if there is a vacancy on your Idealis building. You can choose to represent only your own building or additionally to discuss with other building representatives within SFO topics such as liveability, housing policy etc. in Wageningen and Ede.

Comparing the two options:

Only building representative: Extended option: building representative and:
  • Organise a tenant meeting, 2x a year
  • Give feedback on concept letters of Idealis to your building
  • Have a meeting with the caretaker about once a month
  • Communicate if needed with neighbours, police etc.
  • Discuss Idealis policy, concerning student and PhD housing in Wageningen and Ede
  • Attend SFO meetings (about 12x a year)
  • Attend meetings with Idealis (about 6x a year)

Being only a building representative will take at most 5 hours a month of your time; you can plan this yourself. The extended option will be about 20 hrs a month in total. You need to be available for at least one year, in case of the extended option two years. You will get an proportional financial volunteers compensation, and you will build on your board & organisational experience.

If you are interested, a building meeting has to be organized, with an election. In case of several candidates, the position goes to the candidate with most votes.

Interested, or more info? info<AT>sfo.nl